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Dab'n Seal Envelope Moisteners

Dab'n Seal Envelope Moisteners

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Okay, so whoever invented this envelope moistener stick - you seriously are the best. We've been using them in our offices for years, and thinking about having to actually lick an envelope is foreign but at the same time the taste is still unfortunately in our mouths. 

Use our Dab'n Seal® sticks for when you finally get tired of that taste (which by the taste of it, everyone should be). Any paper product will be glued and sealed with perfection. Just think about how much time will be saved when you send out all those thank you letters! No longer will you need to use any body part other than your hands to twist off the cap and slide it across the envelope. It's that easy! 

Think about it: you can save your saliva for more important things. Those important things are up to you... 

Try one Dab'n Seal Envelope Moistener or buy by the dozen, so you'll never have to run out and will never have to lick an envelope again. 

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