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Crimping Tool

Crimping Tool

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You've always found your papers to be flat, 2 dimensional, just okay. With JAM Crimping Tool you'll make those flat papers (figuratively and literally) 3 dimensional!

These neat crimping tools are the perfect addition to any craft room or office. Used for crimping paper of a variety of materials and thicknesses, these paper crimpers are great for adding texture to any paper project. Use them for spicing up cards and adding a fun touch to your scrapbooks. With an 8 1/2 inch wide size, these will fit all your standard letter sized 8 1/2 x 11 paper and anything smaller! You'll create an embossed design easily and elegantly with JAM crimping tools!

With our Paper Crimpers, you’ll never have to worry about another crafting project falling flat. Available in Straight or Wave designs. So whether you want a clean and simple design with our straight paper crimper or a cool, unique wave design with our wave paper crimper, you are going to enjoy working with these crimping tools!

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