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Bronze Pens & Markers

Bronze Pens & Markers

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Sometimes gold and silver are overrated. Just because the color is bronze, doesn't mean you'll be coming in third place any time soon! And if you really think about it, even getting a bronze metal is a legitimate and awesome reward for four years of training every day. But anyway this is about markers, not the Olympics.

Use this metallic bronze marker for anything! Perfect for making that congrats card for your Olympic cousin who made it on the podium or your cousin who made it to third place in their cross country high school track meet (any win is a good win). The metallic shine will definitely bring notice to anything you write down! From the simple phrase of “Hands off the movie box!” as you’re beginning to pack or the long phrase of “do NOT touch this box because it has all of my movies in it and I am a big movie buff and don’t want any stolen from me” – either way, the warning will be noticed!

Bronze Markers have a signature metallic shine perfect for labeling, storage, artwork, and everything in between! Please note that these markers are permanent.

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