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Silver & Grey 14 x 18 Envelopes

Silver & Grey 14 x 18 Envelopes

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Let the grey take over your office. When it comes to mass storage and outstanding organization, 14 x 18 silver envelopes are the easy answer - not only for your desk but for your style too.

Spacious and stylish, these modest toned Grey 14 x 18 Envelopes are a solid addition to any office or workspace in need of some order. Their light grey exterior is easy to write on and clear to see, so you won’t find yourself fumbling when trying to find what it is you need. These hefty envelopes are perfect for storing even the bulkiest of documents, from a huge presentation to your thesis for college, from your photographs to your arts and crafts!

Silver and Grey Open Ended Envelopes measure in at a large 14 x 18 and feature a clasp style closure. When you want your items to not only crease but be safe and sound, clasp is the way to go.

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