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Purple 15 x 18 Envelopes

Purple 15 x 18 Envelopes

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Want to get that Metallica vibe going? Pick this envelope to "Fade to Black" from all of the excitement you'll get once this envelope arrives in the mail. The metallic color alone will rock your world!

Heavy metal group Metallica isn't the only one that screams. This metallic envelope is screaming for you to get to buy this product in extremely high level tones. It is also screaming to you that "Nothing Else Matters" except getting this envelope. So absolutely buy it! You will be able to store all of your Metallica memorabilia, their lyrics you just need to keep for when your children get old enough to understand them, even those difficult guitar tabs you're trying to learn!

Beware of opening this envelope though! Awesome guitar shredding may and probably will occur.

Metallic Purple 15 x 18 Plastic Poly Envelopes with Button and String Tie Closure. 15x18 Poly envelopes are great for artwork storage (maybe even some Metallica signed posters)!

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