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Plastic Frosted Snap Envelopes

Plastic Frosted Snap Envelopes

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If it was up to you, your whole day would be filled with exciting colors. Although you can’t control everything around you, you can pick office supplies with a punch of color as a way to let in some brightness. Plastic Frosted Snap Envelopes come in fun and springy colors that will make your paperwork and projects a bit more electrifying.

If you need documents to travel with or you have to carry papers back and forth from work, simplify the process by compiling everything together in one of these envelopes. Featuring a single button snap closure to keep documents safe, you can take your things from place to place. A vibrant way to stand out when you’re on the move.

Frosted Envelopes are made out of sturdy poly plastic for long-lasting ability. They are 9 ¼ x 13” in size and are available in Green and Yellow.

Just change the color to change the picture.

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