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Pink 6 1/16 x 6 3/16 Envelopes

Pink 6 1/16 x 6 3/16 Envelopes

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Instead of wearing your heart on your sleeve, why not wear pink on your sleeve? Your cello sleeve that is. Our cute pink color will definitely make everyone see how sweet you really are. It's as easy as sending or handing it out! 

Pink 6 1/16 x 6 3/16 Envelopes are the perfect protection for your photographs, greeting cards, even your work documents. And the pink tint will feminize any kind of document, even if it is your fantasy football stats or rugby defensive plays. These plastic sleeves have square flaps that bring modernity into the mix so that your style isn't hindered! With the self-adhesive closure, your pink fabulous documents (or you know, baseball cards) will be tightly secured. Just slide your documents inside, peel the adhesive closure, and seal it shut! After that, your mail will be ready to go! It's seriously as easy as that and seriously as cute as that too! 

These pink cello envelopes are available in one size:

- 6 1/16 x 3/16

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