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Job Envelopes - Tuck Flap Closure

Job Envelopes - Tuck Flap Closure

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Productive and prepared. If you’re all about functionality, then you need a system that works. Job Envelopes, and all the practicality that comes with them, can help. Because our job envelopes with tuck flap closure have everything you need for an organized work environment.

The poly plastic material is durable and can withstand prlonged use. Not only do our job envelopes last, they protect essential papers from moisture and other exterior forces. It has a non-stick characteristic so envelopes won’t adhere to papers. A simple tuck flap stops contents from falling out. And a top center hole punch allows you to hang work orders in convenient locations. Daily tasks, sales tickets, and projects will be more manageable, allowing for better office productivity. 

Job Envelopes come in a range of translucent colors. You can implement a color-coding system without sacrificing visibility. Easily see what’s on the inside and save time searching for specific documents.

Job Envelopes are 9 ½” x 11 ½” in size. They are available in smoke, pink, and yellow.

Demonstrate your sensible side. Get the job done with a Job Envelope.

Just change the color to change the picture.

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