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Brown 15 x 18 Envelopes

Brown 15 x 18 Envelopes

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We all know that Cleveland Brown might be a little slow on “Family Guy”, but what some of you don’t know is that he is super quick to decide on his JAM envelopes. He chooses the color brown because of his last name and orders them in this size because it has his name in the product description. It just make sense to him.

This envelope is perfect for putting all of those yellow shirts he wears in, that of course need cleaning. He doesn't know how to do laundry, so he sends them to his wife he no longer sees after that incident with Quagmire. Since our envelopes are perfect for a 2D shirt, he fits a lot in them! And they certainly get washed by his ex because of her immense regret with the guy who only says “giggity giggity”. Because wouldn’t we all regret that?

You might not want to bring out your inner Cleveland Brown, but you might want to be the next Seth McFarlane! Store all of your cartoons in here and send them off to him! He might actually need a little more creative flow since Family Guy isn’t as great as it used to be. (Did we just say that out loud?)  

Brown Kraft 28lb Manila 15 x 18 Envelopes are available without clasp.

Available by the full box only.

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