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17 x 22 Envelopes

  • 17 x 22 Envelopes
    • Silver & Grey 17 x 22 Envelopes

      Silver & Grey 17 x 22 Envelopes

    • Brown 17 x 22 Envelopes

      Brown 17 x 22 Envelopes

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    • The bigger the better, the more massive the more important. With our 17 x 22 Envelopes, you'll be able to fit bigger and more important documents without any worry. There's no need to shove those important blueprints or big presentations into small envelopes anymore. Use these envelopes and you'll not only make sure your documents won't bend, you'll make sure that your office space doesn't get all cluttered either. All of our envelopes are available to buy in bulk, this way your whole office or your whole year will be covered in the perfect package.

      We've decided that sorting these envelopes by color is your best bet to finding the one for you. Try our grey envelopes for a professional yet stylish look or go for our brown envelopes for a natural look. Our grey comes in the option of clasp or no clasp, both letting your documents stay secure inside. Whether you need to store your personal arts and crafts or your business reports, these envelopes will make sure to protect and secure your documents, guaranteed.