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A2 (4 3/8 x 5 3/4) Closeouts

  • A2  (4 3/8 x 5 3/4) Closeouts
    • A2 Closeout Envelopes

      A2 Closeout Envelopes

    • A2 Translucent Closeout Envelopes

      A2 Translucent Closeout Envelopes

    • A2 Stardream & Curious Closeout Envelopes

      A2 Stardream & Curious Closeout Envelopes

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    • Open up and close out! Our A2 Closeout Envelope selection will leave you and your wallets happy. Our Closeout items can be considered closeout for a lot of reasons, from color discontinuation to a simple item change number. Our A2 envelopes measure in at 4 3/8 x 5 3/4, the ideal size for thank you cards. It is one quarter of a piece of paper, so think small! But small doesn't always have to be insignificant. These envelopes are all of high quality but at great prices too, the perfect combination. We sell our envelopes by either the 25 or 1000, this way you'll get a lot of envelopes for a low price.

      Go for our standard A2 Closeout Envelopes for high quality invitation holders. These are available in many different weights (also considered thickness of the envelope), so that you'll get high quality with every choice. Our A2 Translucent Envelopes gives your recipient's a hint of what's inside without giving it all away. With these great prices, you'll definitely want to use them for your next party. From Terracotta to Vision Bluebell, our colors are super unique. Want to bring some shine into your invite? Try our A2 Stardream and Curious Closeout Envelopes. Each color (we have over 20 in stock right now) will surely bring some shimmer. Save big with our small envelopes!