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Zebra Stripe Wedding Invitation Sets

Zebra Stripe Wedding Invitation Sets

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Are you searching for a truly unique, glowing, eye-catching wedding invitation set for your upcoming big day? Rest your head! Your guests won't be able to wait till wedding day once they see one of these immaculate zebra stripe wedding invitations!

Glowing, glitter-covered stripes adorn the beautiful white card and leave a walled-in, blank centerpiece for the message. It comes with a robust silver envelope to match the radiance of the zebra stripes on the invitation. These zebra stripe wedding invitation sets are essential for impressing your soon-to-be guests. Shop for yours in any of the combinations below.

Our beautiful Zebra Stripe Wedding Invitation Sets are available in:

Large Wedding Invitation Set- 50 Fanfold Cards and 50 Envelopes

Small Wedding Invitation Set- 100 Fanfold Cards and 100 Envelopes

Combo Wedding Invitation Set- 1 Large Set and 1 Small Set

 Don't wait- add these radiant, zebra stripe wedding invitations to cart now and start the countdown to your big day in style!

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