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Floral Heart Wedding Invitation Sets

Floral Heart Wedding Invitation Sets

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You've dreamt about it. Worried about it. Cried tears of joy over it. Are planning your future around it...the wedding is almost here!

But alas, you just cannot find the perfect wedding invitation to match your whimsy or sophistication. You want your guests to understand the seriousness- but also keep in mind that soft spot you have. 

JAM to the rescue! Our floral wedding invitation sets are fabulous! A creamy white notecard adorned with an eye-dazzling gold bar design running down the side earns it's compliment from the intricate, golden flower heart hybrid in the center of the card. Comes with a golden envelope to match the royalty of both you and the card! These floral wedding invitation sets were made for you.

Our Floral Heart Wedding Invitation sets are available in:

Large Wedding Invitation Set- 50 Fanfold cards and 50 envelopes 

Small wedding invitation- 100 folded cards and 100 envelopes 

Combo Wedding Invitation set- 1 large set and 1 small set

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