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Flying Doves Set

Flying Doves Set

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Celebrate your daughter's coming-of-age event with our elegant invitation set. Elegantly designed, these invitations feature sweet doves, classy pearls, and a gorgeous bouquet of roses. Doves represent peace, flowers represent growth, and pearls represent purity - all meaningful messages for your daughter as she transitions into womanhood. The large card folds over three times, so when you finally open the card flat, it will beautifully incorporate white the pattern will seem overflowing. 

Flying Doves Quinceañera Invitation Set is available in:

-White with Pearl Embossed Design (Crystal Lined Envelopes)

Quinceañera Invitation Sets are available in three size variations:

-Large Set (5 1/2 x 7 3/4) includes 50 cards, 50 inner envelopes, and 50 outer envelopes.
-Small Set (4 7/8 x 3 3/8) includes 100 cards and envelopes.
-Combo Set includes 1 Large Set and 1 Small Set.

Compatible with most standard home printers! This way planning the beautiful day, whether it be a Quinceañera, wedding, anniversary, or more will be as easy as pressing the print button. 

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