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Cards & Notecards > Handmade 5x7 Cards & A7 Envelopes

Handmade 5x7 Cards & A7 Envelopes

Handmade 5x7 Cards & A7 Envelopes

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Never before have you seen a card set like this one! Both the card and envelope are 100% recycled, bringing a homey, natural look to them. All of your environmental friendly family, friends and acquaintances will be floored by the handmade material and awesome design of each kind of card. The best part is the card matches perfectly with its envelope so the card will have a coordinating, stylish home to slide into.

The blank card is great for when you want to write your own message, whether it be personal and specific to traditional and generic. And for any event too! From backyard wedding invitations to thank you cards for that fancy dinner party, these handmade envelopes and cards will separate you from the rest. 

Handmade Cards and Envelopes are made from Tree Free Paper and are Handmade in India.

Green with Yellow flower sets are sold individually. 1 card and envelope per pack.

Creme with Green specs sets are sold 5 cards and envelopes per pack.

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