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Opaque Wine Bags

Opaque Wine Bags

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Since we all know that wine can make your head a little foggy, we thought that the best way to remind yourself of that haziness is to pair your bottle with an opaque bag! You may not be able to see the bottle clearly from the outside, but once you start drinking that bottle, you won't be able to see anything clearly - so it will make you feel better anyway!

Wine is always the perfect gift for any kind of occasion. Whether it is a small gathering or big event, these wine bags will compliment any bottle. Non-transparent, these opaque wine bags will leave your host guessing until they grab the cork. The mystery behind the opaque material will definitely intrigue your fellow party goers to the point where they might ask you a few times (you know, after a couple of glasses of wine) where you got such a bag. Just remember to say JAM (it’s an easy one syllable word).

Available in Red & Clear, these wine bags are complete with handles and a tag.

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